8 Week Group

A Special Group to

Manifest Deep Love! 

Wednesday Evenings beginning in January, 2017


$20 Book & CD      $30 per group   $25 each if you come with a friend

Please Call or Email to Register

 503-257-1311     Betsy@yoursoulmatesready.com

Could these words be yours?  “I’ve never been married and I’m freaking out  a little” or “Since my divorce I’ve had trouble believing there really is anyone out there for me.” If you’re still looking for the partner of your dreams, subconscious forces may be affecting your choices and the signal you’re putting out.

Your Soul Mate has not forgotten you, but may be waiting for you to remove the barrier a part of you has erected to stay safeEngage this magical journey of  the heart to a richer experience of  love and your Soul Mate into your arms!

“I would strongly recommend this workshop series to anyone who wants to become more clear on the subject of relationships, whether they are single, in a challenging relationship, or just want to relate to themselves in a new and profoundly effective way. This work is a fundamental cornerstone, essential for anyone’s personal growth. It’s inspiring to see two people expressing their life’s work through a Divine Union, which is its own testament to the power of the tools Betsy and Riaka have brought together.” Karl S. – Portland

“Although I have been married for over 20 years… I was looking to enhance our relationship and deepen our communication. To my surprise and delight I got all that ….and so much more! The tools Betsy and Riaka offer are extremely effective, simple, powerful, and can be used anytime to reclaim and heal our young parts. By short-circuiting our mind – and all of its clever defenses – one is quickly and easily guided to the core of the issue. It is there within our inner-family that the opportunity to heal and really know ourselves begs to be embraced.

The group classes offered by Betsy and Riaka are a deep and profound journey within… the treasure is finding those parts of us that have been lost. We are guided to discover our deepest resistance and learn how to embrace it. This work is not always easy…but with their firm yet gentle support…we can rebuild our relationship with the most important person in our lives…our self.

I HIGHLY recommend this class to ANYONE regardless of their status…married, divorced, single,       re-bounding, widowed, etc. Anyone ready to truly befriend themselves and experience the depths      of love deserves to attend this Soul-Mate Series!” Jennette K.


Using the power of Hypnosis, have your subconscious working for you:

  •  Explore hidden influences on your relationships
  •  Discover your Inner Child’s role in choosing romantic partners.
  •  Accept Love, look and feel younger as you reawaken passion &desire.
  •  Understand your defenses and transform your Voice of Doubt.
  •  Trust the opposite sex,
  •  Balance your male/female energies as you Meet Your Mate Within.
  •  Release past disappointments & become fully available to your mate.
  •  Say Yes to Love, & energize the connection to your heart’s destiny!

Riaka, CH & Betsy Finders, RN,CH

SACRED UNIONS Hypnotherapy & Energy Balancing