Betsy Finders, RN, and RiakaBetsy Finders, RN, and Riaka of Sacred Unions Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing are certified hypnotherapists offering empowering techniques and programs that promote successful romantic relationships, including hypnotherapy, energy balancing, workshops, and groups. Riaka is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and Betsy is a certified healer with the Modern Mystery School™ and a Healing Touch™ practitioner.

After Riaka’s life-changing encounter with hypnotherapy in the early 1970s, he developed a practice as a certified hypnotherapist in addition to managing his own jewelry company. He was introduced to inner parts therapy in 1996, and it became an integral part of his hypnotherapy practice when he and Betsy became a couple.

Betsy’s work with a spiritually-oriented inner parts therapist in the 1990’s made her aware of her own energetic sensitivities, and she studied inner parts therapy and energy healing with a focus on relationship work. She currently specializes in energy balancing to restore the natural flow of energy within and between energy centers of the body.

In their work together, Riaka and Betsy build upon a number of established techniques to identify invisible barriers to romance. Their groundbreaking work with the Guardian and Mate Within restores internal male/female balance and inspires a new trust in love. Their unique approach is based on having consistently applied the techniques described in this book in their extensive and innovative work with clients in their own practice, in their personal lives, and in their relationship with each other.