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Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are You?
Fulfill Your Heart’s Destiny

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Note to the Reader from the book:

Your Soul Mate's Ready, Are You?Could these words be yours?

“I’ve never been married, and I’m freaking out a little,” or “Since my divorce, I’ve had trouble believing there really is anyone out there for me.” If you are still looking for the partner of your dreams, it may be because subconscious forces are affecting your choices and limiting your ability to bring your soul mate into your life. The tools and techniques in this book will bring these powerful influences into your conscious awareness and help you harness all of your energies to find the love you seek.

We work with singles who want more with a relationship partner than they have experienced in the past. Most know what they want but don’t know how to make it happen. The quality of our relationships is not likely to change until we alter our subconscious beliefs. Since we draw our emotional match, we are more likely to attract a healthy relationship after we address our own emotional issues.

Many are familiar with the “tape in my head” that warns, discourages, or limits us at times, and we associate it with our upbringing or habit of thought. Most of us have also heard inner voices that encourage us to “go for it.” These various and sometimes conflicting voices influence our search for a soul mate more than we know, and identifying and understanding each of them is important.

One subconscious voice—your voice of doubt—may be actively pushing your soul mate away. This makes sense when you understand that your defense mechanisms are simply working to keep you from being hurt again.

We have developed a uniquely effective approach to solving this problem. We use hypnosis as our main healing modality because we’ve found it to be the most powerful and efficient technique for working with the subconscious mind. By listening to our Companion Audio Hypnosis Program, you will hear and understand the inner voices that help or hinder you in your quest for your mate.

Through reading this book and using our audio hypnosis program, you will learn how to transform counter-productive relationship patterns and beliefs into unequivocal enthusiasm for finding your mate. You have more power than you realize to hasten the time when you will meet your mate, and we will show you how you can make it happen. Imagine how quickly you will manifest your mate when you are able to fully open your heart and get out of your own way!

You will have in your hands the roadmap to an exciting adventure of the heart; the guide to healing those parts of you that are fearful of love. You stand at the gate. The journey begins when you read the first chapter and listen to the first of two free audio hypnosis sessions, Release Your Heart Covering. You will be on your way to creating the relationship that fulfills your deepest desire.

Reading this book will light the path between you and your soul mate. Discover the joy of being fully engaged in the quest for your mate, led by your passionate desire for authentic intimacy with another. The one you seek is ready and searching for you. It is time for your dreams to come true.



I enjoyed Betsy and Riaka’s book “Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are You?” It is the perfect mixture of information and personal stories of transformation. The book really gets to the heart of the matter,    as we learn to reclaim those parts of ourselves that have been damaged by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. This integration of aspects of ourselves brings them into the circle of wholeness. By becoming their champions, our “younger parts” know we will always be there for them. The flawed protections they and our Guardians created are replaced by genuine warmth and openness to life. Readiness to meet one’s soul mate is then at hand, so the adventure of life begins to unfold at a grander scale of connection and joy.”

Sandy S.  


You can get your copy of the book,  “Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are You?” by clicking on the link below.


You can get your copy of the ebook,  “Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are You?” by clicking on the link below.


~ Betsy Finders and Riaka