Energy Activations

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

For more than 3,000 years these Light Activations  have been a rite of passage for priests and priestesses in the ancient mystery school lineage of King Salomon. He brought together 20,000 shamans and priests/priestesses to create healing modalities of benefit for all on the planet and to be used in this great time of change.  Now available to the public!

LIFE ACTIVATION  Align with your Life Purpose



* Higher attunement and embodiment of your Spirit. Accelerates spiritual gifts, empowers you to bring forth dormant talents and abilities.  * Clear many individual and family karmic patterns, and unconscious limiting thought and emotional patterns.

* Lights up your Aura as it strengthens your immune system and raises cellular vibration. Increases the light held in your body.

The divine blueprint for humans consists of a multi-dimensional 24 stranded DNA, consisting of 12 physical strands and 12 spiritual strands. In this activation  both Spiritual and Physical DNA are illuminated with angelic light, awakening your dormant DNA. This method brings clarity of life purpose, releases blocks, and empowers you to live your life to its fullest and move towards self-mastery.


FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION  (following Life Activation)


The Full Spirit Activation was recently introduced from the deep well of ancient mystery school advanced techniques for accelerating our next evolutionary step. This energetic activation helps you flow more smoothly through the rapid changes facing us with greater ease, balance and awareness of your choices.

This activation awakens 10 key regions of the brain, including the Thalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands, enhancing the neurological system of the body. Activating this awareness helps you overcome apathy and doubt.

Used to activate the high lamas of Tibet using Sacred Toning.

  • Increase connection to your Soul for more Balance, Awareness, & Aliveness.
  • Quiet mental chatter, release emotional attachments no longer serving you.

$150 each Activation (75 min) 


Betsy Finders, RN,CH, Modern Mystery School Healer

call/text   971-275-7447



“I was relieved to feel so peaceful and balanced after receiving my Life Activation. Within a few weeks, I felt wiser and more intuitive about everything and saw clearly how my old fears had kept me alone. My perceptions of people became highly accurate, and it was easier to keep my heart open to everyone. Men were paying much more attention to me, and I trusted myself to finally select the right man to invite into my life.” ~ Georgia W. Bend, OR

“During the full spirit activation with Betsy I felt a wonderful feeling of joy, the energy was incredibly high and I could feel the holy spirit all around me, which felt very light and loving. Betsy was completely flowing the healing energy and I had this knowing that all of me was being recalibrated to be more complete. There was a sensation of at-oneness with everything, like my energy field was being woven into the whole picture, parts of which (the picture)I had never seen before. After my session, my consciousness was raised to the degree that I knew that aspects of my ancient self had come forward to be integrated into my present experience, so as a result my experience with all of nature, animals, plants, stones is as one now.” ~ Samantha B. Naples, Florida