Energy Balancing with Betsy



In 1994, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the term “biofield” to describe a matrix of different energies throughout the body and extending outward from the body. The biofield comprises the many life energies critical to human health—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our energy operates within the larger energy field of the earth, which operates within the infinite field extending beyond the universe. A key function of our biofield, or energy body, is enhancing our ability to cope with stress. Fear is the biggest factor in a stress response, constricting our energies and cutting us off from the flow of universal energies.

Separate from hypnosis, an energy balancing session takes place on a massage table with soft lighting, music, and aromatherapy to create a peaceful space. You are fully clothed and in a meditative state while receiving the universal energy infusion. I place my hands on or near your body in specific areas where the energies don’t feel to be moving in their natural way. Your energies are softened and enhanced, and assisted in bringing them closer to an optimal state while helping to connect all the energy centers. Often you feel as if a fog has been lifted as energy of the past is released and untangled.

Opening the door to your heart’s energy flow empowers your desire for your mate. It softens some of the tight, resistive places inside still saying no to love. You feel an expansion of the heart that helps you trust its ability to create richer and fuller experiences of love. Your heart becomes more the guiding force of your life. With each energy balancing session, the door to your heart opens wider, and you stay in this open space for longer periods of time. Feel your spirit soar!

Energy Balancing Session with Betsy 
$75 per hour

“I was very impressed with the energy healing that Betsy facilitated for me. Her techniques got to the root of the problem and her wonderful heart centered energy allowed me to relax and open my heart to deep healing.” ~ D.R. Portland, OR

Betsy in a session