Hypnosis Sessions

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Individual sessions are available in-person or by phone. Both in-person sessions and phone sessions begin by determining what it is you want to change. We can quickly reflect where you are on your soul mate journey and introduce the most effective ways to help you. A great deal can be accomplished on the phone, especially if you are familiar with our book Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are You? This book serves as a catalyst in mirroring to you where you are on your quest for your soul mate. It brings to mind the places most advantageous for you to get more clarity about and begin to change. Take the Soul Mate Questionnaire to determine your strengths, challenges, and areas for us to focus upon together.

In-person sessions have the added advantage of being able to use all the techniques we discuss in the book, including hypnosis, energy balancing and activations, and energetic release and empowerment.

Sacred Unions Hypnotherapy is the art of calming the mind, relaxing the body, and eliciting the wisdom, strength, and clarity of your Enlightened Self. We are then able to engage this powerful internal ally to help identify and resolve conflicts between your conscious and subconscious minds. Such as, consciously you want your soul mate now but a part of your subconscious doesn’t trust the opposite sex and has set up invisible barriers to keep your mate a “safe” distance away.

There is a misconception that hypnosis is sleep, but it is just the opposite. When asleep, we drift and dream in random patterns, but during hypnosis we are extremely alert, drawing on our capacity for deep concentration. Hypnosis is an effective therapeutic tool because you enter a state of focused imagination that allows direct access to your subconscious mind. Throughout the hypnosis session you are always in control.

The added benefit of hypnosis is that people actively identify and change erroneous beliefs rooted deep in their subconscious minds. Hypnosis can be used to free you from self-limiting beliefs and the resulting behaviors you may have endured for a long, long time. Positive suggestions given by the hypnotist serve to reprogram the subconscious so that it comes into alignment with your conscious desires. If you have not been working on the subconscious level you have been at a disadvantage. For example, you may consciously know what you want in a mate and be frustrated because you keep drawing to you the same old type of person.

Hypnotic Regression. While someone is in the hypnotic state, hypnotic regression can be used to work with the subconscious mind to visualize the past as if watching a movie. Hypnotic regression quickly and gently takes you to the root cause of your issue. Using this process, you are able to heal on an emotional level by releasing unresolved feelings that have fueled undesirable beliefs and behavior patterns.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique, ideally suited to gently and effectively help you resolve your inner conflicts. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to move us out of our heads and into our hearts where we find peace, balance and trust in our ability to manifest our desires.

Individual Sessions with Riaka or Betsy
$75 per hour 
90 minute minimum for 1st in-person session

“On National Friendship Day I would like to thank you for being more than teachers. You don’t just teach a concept, you share your experiences and it comes through that you truly want others to know the joy you have found.” ~ L.O. El Dorado Hills, CA