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Group Sessions

6 Week Group to Manifest Your Mate! 


October 11, 2017

Wednesdays, 7-10pm

$20 Book & CD      $35 for Group

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Could these words be yours?  “I’ve never been married and I’m freaking out  a little” or “Since my divorce I’ve had trouble believing there really is anyone out there for me.” If you’re still looking for the partner of your dreams, subconscious forces may be affecting your choices and the signal you’re putting out.

Your Soul Mate has not forgotten you, but may be waiting for you to remove the barrier a part of you has erected to stay safe. Engage this magical journey of  the heart to a richer experience of  love and your Soul Mate into your arms!

“This has truly been one of the most life changing, eye-opening and empowering programs I have  ever experienced in my life!! The amount of depth and healing I received is absolutely priceless. Imagine that you have lived inside of a veiled box your entire life and suddenly someone takes off    the veil and opens the box!
I have such a better understanding of myself and I found deep healing and hope for parts of me that   I didn’t even know were there! I now have a more whole, complete, and sweeter relationship with myself. With this approach anything is faceable, healable, and solve-able. Deep wounds and fear can be mended. Insecurity can be transformed into confidence. I seriously believe that if the whole world could do this we all would live in peace :-)
I especially encourage anyone who is on a path of self-discovery, weather just getting started or deeply involved to take this course. Betsy and Riaka are both incredibly wise and loving. They have done so much work with this on themselves and have many of their own amazing experiences to share. I’ve done a lot of introspective and healing work on myself but I had more powerful breakthroughs in this program than in any of the previous things I had done! I’ve been excitedly telling all my friends about this and am honestly looking forward to doing it again and again.” Crystal L.

“I would strongly recommend this workshop series to anyone who wants to become more clear on the subject of relationships, whether they are single, in a challenging relationship, or just want to relate to themselves in a new and profoundly effective way. This work is a fundamental cornerstone, essential for anyone’s personal growth. It’s inspiring to see two people expressing their life’s work through a Divine Union, which is its own testament to the power of the tools Betsy and Riaka have brought together.” Karl S. – Portland

Using the power of Hypnosis, have your subconscious working for  you:

© Explore hidden influences on your relationships and your Inner Child’s role in choosing romantic partners.

© Accept Love, look and feel younger as you reawaken passion & desire.

© Understand your defenses and transform your Voice of Doubt.

© Trust the opposite sex, balance your male/female energies as you Meet Your Mate Within.

© Release past disappointments & become fully available to your mate.

© Say Yes to Love, & energize the connection to your heart’s destiny!

Riaka, CH & Betsy Finders, RN,CH, Certified Healer Modern Mystery School

SACRED UNIONS Hypnotherapy & Energy Balancing   or    



“I found most of my shadows coming up in regards to my romantic relationship. I started to doubt the possibility of Divine Union or how it could ever apply in my life until I took this workshop. The book clearly laid out the steps I needed to take to begin neutralizing my own resistance. I was able to refer to the book before and after each class to guide me on my journey to inner peace and union. The doubts I experienced before were driven away. Although this is still a process for me, I now have the tools and understanding available to me. I have already seen tremendous shifts in my attitudes and responses. My relationship has grown and become significantly more supportive and harmonious. I have found this overall experience invaluable in my life.” Noel Henry                                                                   


Personal Sessions

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Individual sessions are available in-person or by phone. Both in-person sessions and phone sessions begin by determining what it is you want to change. We can quickly reflect where you are on your soul mate journey and introduce the most effective ways to help you. A great deal can be accomplished on the phone, especially if you are familiar with our book Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are You? This book serves as a catalyst in mirroring to you where you are on your quest for your soul mate. It brings to mind the places most advantageous for you to get more clarity about and begin to change. Take the Soul Mate Questionnaire to determine your strengths, challenges, and areas for us to focus upon together.

In-person sessions have the added advantage of being able to use all the techniques we discuss in the book, including hypnosis, energy balancing and activations, and energetic release and empowerment.

Sacred Unions Hypnotherapy is the art of calming the mind, relaxing the body, and eliciting the wisdom, strength, and clarity of your Enlightened Self. We are then able to engage this powerful internal ally to help identify and resolve conflicts between your conscious and subconscious minds. Such as, consciously you want your soul mate now but a part of your subconscious doesn’t trust the opposite sex and has set up invisible barriers to keep your mate a “safe” distance away.

There is a misconception that hypnosis is sleep, but it is just the opposite. When asleep, we drift and dream in random patterns, but during hypnosis we are extremely alert, drawing on our capacity for deep concentration. Hypnosis is an effective therapeutic tool because you enter a state of focused imagination that allows direct access to your subconscious mind. Throughout the hypnosis session you are always in control.

The added benefit of hypnosis is that people actively identify and change erroneous beliefs rooted deep in their subconscious minds. Hypnosis can be used to free you from self-limiting beliefs and the resulting behaviors you may have endured for a long, long time. Positive suggestions given by the hypnotist serve to reprogram the subconscious so that it comes into alignment with your conscious desires. If you have not been working on the subconscious level you have been at a disadvantage. For example, you may consciously know what you want in a mate and be frustrated because you keep drawing to you the same old type of person.

Hypnotic Regression. While someone is in the hypnotic state, hypnotic regression can be used to work with the subconscious mind to visualize the past as if watching a movie. Hypnotic regression quickly and gently takes you to the root cause of your issue. Using this process, you are able to heal on an emotional level by releasing unresolved feelings that have fueled undesirable beliefs and behavior patterns.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique, ideally suited to gently and effectively help you resolve your inner conflicts. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to move us out of our heads and into our hearts where we find peace, balance and trust in our ability to manifest our desires.

Individual Sessions with Riaka or Betsy
$75 per hour
90 minute minimum for 1st in-person session

“On National Friendship Day I would like to thank you for being more than teachers. You don’t just teach a concept, you share your experiences and it comes through that you truly want others to know the joy you have found.” ~ L.O. El Dorado Hills, CA

Energy Balancing

Betsy in a sessionIn 1994, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the term “biofield” to describe a matrix of different energies throughout the body and extending outward from the body. The biofield comprises the many life energies critical to human health—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our energy operates within the larger energy field of the earth, which operates within the infinite field extending beyond the universe. A key function of our biofield, or energy body, is enhancing our ability to cope with stress. Fear is the biggest factor in a stress response, constricting our energies and cutting us off from the flow of universal energies.

Separate from hypnosis, an energy balancing session takes place on a massage table with soft lighting, music, and aromatherapy to create a peaceful space. You are fully clothed and in a meditative state while receiving the universal energy infusion. I place my hands on or near your body in specific areas where the energies don’t feel to be moving in their natural way. Your energies are softened and enhanced, and assisted in bringing them closer to an optimal state while helping to connect all the energy centers. Often you feel as if a fog has been lifted as energy of the past is released and untangled.

Opening the door to your heart’s energy flow empowers your desire for your mate. It softens some of the tight, resistive places inside still saying no to love. You feel an expansion of the heart that helps you trust its ability to create richer and fuller experiences of love. Your heart becomes more the guiding force of your life. With each energy balancing session, the door to your heart opens wider, and you stay in this open space for longer periods of time. Feel your spirit soar!

Energy Balancing Session with Betsy
$75 per hour

“I was very impressed with the energy healing that Betsy facilitated for me. Her techniques got to the root of the problem and her wonderful heart centered energy allowed me to relax and open my heart to deep healing.” ~ D.R. Portland, OR

Life Activation—Awakening Your Potential

Life Activation empowers us in the process of healing ourselves and awakening to our full potential. According to teachings of The Modern Mystery School, three thousand years ago King Solomon gathered one shaman, prophet, healer, priest, priestess, or alchemist from every tradition on the planet to study with him in his temple in Alexandria, Egypt. The result of this gathering was the development of universal healing techniques, including Life Activation.

This technique has been used continuously during the past three thousand years within the secret mystery schools. It is a rite of passage to activate the shamans, priests, priestesses, and healers so they can achieve a heightened state of consciousness and empowerment. In 1997, this empowerment tool was brought forward for sharing with all of humanity by The Modern Mystery School.

The divine blueprint for human beings consists of a multidimensional 24-strand DNA, consisting of twelve physical components and twelve spiritual components. Most people have around five percent of their DNA activated, limiting their use of genetic potential and brain capacity to around ten percent of what is possible. The Life Activation method is powerful, direct, and effective in activating our DNA because it works with the natural flow of energy in the human body.

  • Let go of resisitance and gain a greater sense of clarity, energy, and direction.
  • Feel your vibration raise and an increase in your intuitive abilities.
  • Limiting patterns may surface so they can be released.
  • Be better able to stay in the greater perspective of your Enlightened Self where you know your romantic destiny is meant to be fulfilled.

Life Activation with Betsy
$110 90 minutes
$150 with Homeopathic Antimony to clear cellular debris

“I was relieved to feel so peaceful and balanced after receiving my Life Activation. Within a few weeks, I felt wiser and more intuitive about everything and saw clearly how my old fears had kept me alone. My perceptions of people became highly accurate, and it was easier to keep my heart open to everyone. Men were paying much more attention to me, and I trusted myself to finally select the right man to invite into my life.” ~ Georgia W. Bend, OR

Full Spirit Activation
(Available after the Life Activation)

The Full Spirit Activation has recently been introduced from the deep well of ancient knowledge and advanced techniques for accelerating our next evolutionary step. It’s part of the 3000 year old King Solomon healing system. This energetic activation will help you flow more smoothly through the rapid changes facing us today with greater ease, balance and awareness of the choices before you.

As we discover in our own personal journeys, we all have a “higher self” or “higher mind”. But how do we connect to this spiritual aspect of ourselves? The process can be greatly accelerated. The Full Spirit Activation allows us to fill the void within ourselves—that lack of a deeper connection to the soul and the functions of the inner energy body system.

This activation awakens key regions of the brain and enhances the neurological system of the body. It leads to a more integrated thought process and unblocks channels of awareness in the mind-body-soul interface. Activating this awareness will help you overcome apathy and doubt, reclaim self worth, feel more alive, and become filled with more joy.

  • Experience a modality that has been used to initiate the high Llamas of Tibet, Shamans, Priests, Priestesses, and Healers.
  • Awaken your soul so you have more balance, awareness, aliveness.
  • Feel your primal body realize its spiritual nature.
  • Connect more fully with your spirit essence and maintain an expanded view as you express your true self in the world.
  • Trust yourself even more and your ability to manifest your mate.

Full Spirit Activation with Betsy
$110 1 hour

“During the full spirit activation with Betsy I felt a wonderful feeling of joy, the energy was incredibly high and I could feel the holy spirit all around me, which felt very light and loving. Betsy was completely flowing the healing energy and I had this knowing that all of me was being recalibrated to be more complete. There was a sensation of at-oneness with everything, like my energy field was being woven into the whole picture, parts of which (the picture)I had never seen before. After my session, my consciousness was raised to the degree that I knew that aspects of my ancient self had come forward to be integrated into my present experience, so as a result my experience with all of nature, animals, plants, stones is as one now.” ~ Samantha B. Naples, Florida